Charge Like a Rhino

The "mascot" of the wholesale coaching group I am a part of is the rhino, taken from Scott Alexander's Rhinoceros Success : the Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity. It is a wonderfully motivating book, particularly because it challenges those of us who over-analyze and are not type A personalities. I find that I often have a scarcity mindset, focusing on what could go wrong rather than what can happen if I only try.

As someone who always wants to know the whole picture before moving forward, I've been challenged to have a goal and charge towards it, even imperfectly without complete knowledge. The challenge I am learning, though, is to stay laser focused. This wholesaling "tribe" challenges us to focus solely on wholesaling for a period of 90 days and to get that down. I've had a little bit of shiny object syndrome, because some of the nibbles I've gotten have not been for wholesale deals.

At this point, I find I am getting impatient. I have grown my buyer's list to almost 40 people, but I really want to get over 100. I've done one mailing for potential buyers and also used Craigslist, and DC's City Paper. I have not yet used bandit signs, in part because I'm thinking about where to spend my marketing dollars next. I know I need to keep feeding the marketing engine consistently. Next step, however, is to conduct direct mailing to motivated sellers.

I'm a bit frustrated at this point because I want to start seeing my hard work pay off. Yet my back is against the wall and I am charging a rhino.

I encourage you to pick up the book. Any books you recommend on success? Hit me up at @gumshoeonline or on Facebook.