Wholesaling for the Introvert

Have you taken the Myers Briggs or DISC or others to learn about your personality? I wonder what types of people delve into real estate investing. I've been thinking about it because I've been derailed for a few months. I was embracing the credo of "progress not perfection" up until I lost focus. Now the reason is legitimate. My wife and I had a goal to move into another county where the public schools were rated much better so our kids would have better opportunities. That meant we had to move before the end of the summer. As it turns out, we were able to sell our home and move into a new home by mid July, but my real estate investing "hobby" languished since. Unpacking, making improvements to the home and more were reasons to not jump back in. But could it be more?

As I started hard and fast with the Wholesaling Inc Small Group Coaching, I stopped taking massive action. One, I told myself, I had a hard time carving out monies for marketing expenses and lawyer fees since I was singularly focused on moving our family. Second, I had fear of "cold" calling prospective sellers.

Is it part of my personality that keeps me off the phone? I know I much rather use some other sort of communication method with people I do not know. Yet I am not convinced that introverts cannot be successful wholesaling. I wouldn't call myself an introvert. Really, it depends on the day. I often thrive and get energized equally by spending time with others and geeking away behind a computer. Yet, for some reason, I have no motivation to call people I do not know.

As I think more about it, I'm reminded that I'm actually doing very little cold calling. In the training, we practice our script by using Craigslist, so that is cold calling. Yet my marketing plan is set up so that motivated sellers call me. So why do I drag my heels calling someone back? I think part of it is about my fear that I'll be called out as a fake. As someone who regularly falls into the trap of analysis paralysis, it's hard to take massive action when I want things to be perfect.

So, how do I change my behavior, my tendencies? Perhaps it’s partly to provide self talk, since the biggest naysayer is myself. Okay, say it with me:

It’s about progress not perfection.

What is preventing you from winning? Let me know @gumshoeonline