Investor Grit Wholesale Coaching

I have decided that I want to start my journey by digging deeper into wholesaling. There are two reasons for the focus. First, I need immediate cash so I can begin to build lists and invest in more marketing. The idea is that the more I invest in marketing, the more leads I can convert to transactions. Second, by gaining in-depth knowledge of wholesaling, I will gain a core skill needed for all types of real estate investing. That skill is building lists of motivated sellers and interested buyers.

If I can create a system that allows me to simply have to respond to leads and money comes in, then I can begin to focus on my second goals: buy and hold investing. If I have my deal-making machine running on autopilot, then I can cherry-pick the great deals and keep them for myself.

Once I determined I wanted to first learn wholesaling, I decided to enroll in the Investor Grit coaching program. There were a few things that attracted me to this type of coaching, including:

  1. I first started listening to Tom Krol and was captivated by his energy and positivity. He did not come across as a sleazy car salesman just out for the money. His partner Cody Hofhine came across as genuine too - what they were learning they were excited to share with others!
  2. Tom certainly makes money by offering the program, but he has an altruistic heart that appears to be motivated by his Christian faith, so he gained my trust. He and Cody recommended books that motivate and put you in the right mindset.
  3. The coaching is not about education. Instead, it is one part motivation and two parts "follow this to-do list exactly as we instruct."
  4. The "tribe" is something all people are attracted to. That is, finding a cohort of people to connect with. Gurus state that to succeed, surround yourself with people you admire, and this is definitely a tribe of people who strive for success and have good character.

So I am in week one of the online training. In addition, the coaching offers group calls twice weekly. I'm getting my ducks set up in a row and excited to start finding deals!

How did you learn the trade - through the school of hard knocks or otherwise? Any books you recommend? Hit me up at @gumshoeonline